Digital and Design Artist
LE Collection 2015/16 LE Collection 2015/16
Jan 15

Etherial Presentation XS Limited Edition Collection 2015/16

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By continuously keeping her imagination alive and being able to create a type of ‘pleasant deception’ looking closely at Xrista’ s designs you will always discover little angelical figured cubits or delicately shaded roses all of which fluidly evolve into surfacing what Xrista calls “experimentation with new media…a visual reality”.

Now in the process of launching her limited edition SS15 collection of digital art design on clothes inspired by the “two basic directions” “emotional and figurative connotations of the shapes they create on the form and feeling you have when wearing each piece”. Each of her collections have a signature design process that makes them unique from any other design that we have seen so far which identifies her as ‘the voice of today’s contemporary culture’. All of her designs are almost always rooted in a personal mash-up of feelings “I’m an extremely visceral person and in many ways I put myself wholeheartedly into each design…I always try to convey my feelings and emotions through my designs and for this collection love and enthusiasm are the main characteristics”. A digital design artist whose work has always been informed by a richness of imagination who is not afraid if outlining her inspirations and feelings, demonstrating the workings of an erudite and passionate mind with a fantasy that conveys into a kitsch glamour meets iconic casual, matched with an urban insouciance typified into these 2015/2016 Etherial XS Limited Edition Collection 2015/16. Xrista Stavrou a philanthropist, talented digital artist, who is a true high-tech heroine to us all.

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