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Sep 17

Textile Art Limited Edition Collection 2017-2018

Xrista lays with the test of time using the colors that were used to recollect the image and peace with nature, a transition into the past surrounded by highs of happiness, when work was a mixture of pleasure with anything-could–happen moments hence the tie-die effected a pattern that is unpredictable until the drops of color find their way to those micro fibers on the fabric to release their mark resulting into a glimpse of space and kaleidoscopic wonder. Care free colors and arts associated with them, the digital designs of a Warrior female figure resembling love and liberty followed by Xrista Stavrou’s signature Arts cascaded with heavenly blooms and their enchanting shades of color are the final details to yet another astonishing line of wear by the inimitable x r i s t a s t a v r o u.

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