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Textile Art Textile Art
March 2017

TEXTILE ARTS - Nature Theme!

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I love Digital Art! I have created this piece of Art digitally with vector designs and photo manipulation. I have a big passion for Digital Art and Fashion. I draw digital works of art and transfer them to clothes of my own creation through the method of silk screen printing. Now I start creating textile designs for fashion and decoration. So simply, like artists from all times, I create arts and I want those arts to be displayed where viewers can have a personal experience with it. It’s not unlike a traditional artist who paints or draws a picture or creates a sculpture and then aspires for them to be exhibited and displayed in a public or private environment so that it can live on for years to come to speak who ever may view it.

Digital technology does not change this constant of human endeavour, it merely enhances it and brings new forms of expression. For me is the biggest, most exciting challenge in a long history of the synthesis between technology and hand and mind and heart. Draw interesting things in your life that make you feel lovely and share them with the world.