Digital and Design Artist
Skull Queen Skull Queen
Jul 2018

Mexican Traditional Sweets / México dulce y querido

Skull Art: a combination of percil drawing with digital drawing, created using an art software program.
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I have created my poster design with great love to the culture legacy of Mexico and with the appreciation for the vibrancy of Mexican culture. Having as my major key the historical identity of Mexican sweet that through the years has become an undisputed signature of their customs, I have chosen as a main element of my design, a Calavera. A representation of a human skull, decorated by hand and made from sugar that is used for the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), the biggest festivity in Mexico. A traditional and strong symbol of Mexicans culture. I used it as a link to the richness of tradition that Mexicans have in their sweets. Traditional sweets of Mexico, are extra delicious, made by hand and from nature. My poster has a strong colorful elements, full of sweets, flowers, happy little creatures, the greater lovers of sweets and a ladder that represents the entrance to the wonderful sweet world of Mexico. “Come and taste the sweetness of Mexico”. Chocolate is one of the basic elements in the design as one of Mexico’s gifts to the world! Aztecs were the first ones to consume the cacao bean in drink form and the sugar cane plant can be found in Mexico's tropical lands that is suitable conditions for its widespread growth.

Life is sweet and so is Mexico! / La vida es dulce y también México!

My Skull Art Queen 2018 is full of romance, power and color. It was created initially with pencil on paper and finished digitally. I love creating Skulls and decorating them with butterflies, colors and flowers. Butterfly is the power of air, the ability to float upon a breeze. It is known for its darting flight; thus, it represents the mind and our ability to change it when necessary. Butterfly represents the never-ending cycle of life; they awaken a sense of lightness and joy and remind us to get up and move. Butterflies bring color and joy with them thus for this art flowers and butterflies are the main decorative elements.